Justice … at last!

Last year, I had an accident with my motorbike. To be precise, on August 15th, 2002, I was riding home on the motorway. It was very busy, so there were queues, and I was going 40 km/h or so. All of a sudden, a car changed from the middle lane to the left lane, right in front of me.

He probably wasn’t looking, so he didn’t see me, or didn’t want to see me, but I startled, braked, blocked my front wheel, and fell. I didn’t hit the car, and the driver probably didn’t even notice me falling.
Luckily, there were witnesses, and one of them gave me the license plate number of the car. For the police, it was a very clear case: I didn’t hit the car, so it was a one-sided accident, and there was nothing they could do.
Because I’m not all-risk insured, my insurance company wasn’t just going to pay. But they had a difficult time, convincing the car driver’s insurance company that they had to pay.
But luckily, after lots of phone calls, a few emails, and a few stops by the police office, I was finally notified this afternoon, that the car driver’s insurance company has paid, and that the money has been transferred to my bank account. And indeed, I just checked, it has! That’s two thousand nine hundred and thirty Euro’s and twenty nine cents! It has taken more than nine months, but it was worth waiting for! Justice… at last!


Saturday, May 24th, 2003 Personal

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  1. Merry meet my friend

    You have a nice weblog. The motor looked fine, but the second accident has not been logged yet, has it! *giggles*
    I also took a look at your homepage at the University of Delft. It looks nice. Unfortunately I have no idea what you are researching. Yes, it is as you expected … “There no intelligent life-form” over here.” Ha! 😉

    May the best of you past be the worst of your future!

    Merry meet again


  2. Wouter on May 26th, 2003

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