A new tradition

We heard this morning that our survey paper of Feature-based flow visualisation techniques has been accepted for publication in Computer Graphics Forum, the journal of the Eurographics Association. So that was very good news! And quick too, because we submitted our revised version only last Tuesday.

Well, quick… we have submitted the first version waaaay back in December! ­čÖé
We got the (positive) reviews back on April 22nd, and after some minor revisions submitted the final version on Tuesday.
By the way, this article is part of the State-of-the-Art report which we presented, together with our Austrian colleagues from VRVis Research Center, on the Eurographics 2002 conference in Saarbr├╝cken, Germany, last September.
For more info, check out my publications page.

If all goes well, this article will be published in the last number of this year, volume 22, number 4. As you can see in the publications list, we have also published an article in the same number of last year.
So, what does that mean for next year? Can we hold up this “tradition”? I sure hope so!

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Thursday, June 26th, 2003 Personal

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