I’ve often seen the term “Concessions” in combination with entry fees for a museum, zoo, or cinema. Usually, this means you get a discount if you are a student, or a senior citizen.

But in the IMAX Theatre-at-Bristol, you also get a discount, if you are unemployed! Not having a job, does have its advantages!

I only wonder, how do they check that?
Do you get some sort of pass if you don’t have a job? Or do you get a certificate if you’re unemployed? But you mustn’t forget to put that in the shredder when you get a job! And will you get a new one when you’re fired?

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Wednesday, November 12th, 2003 Funny

3 Comments to Concessions

  1. You get a UB40! (Ask anyone in Britain…)

  2. Ed on November 13th, 2003
  3. Indeed! I’ve found a definition here:

    But still, I think “unemployed” is not the same as “registered as unemployed”…

  4. benjamin on November 13th, 2003
  5. Could this also be the origin of the music group’s name???

  6. Ari on November 26th, 2003

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