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Starting today I’ve finally got ADSL at home.
Thanks to the TU Delft and Infopact, who provided me with a free 1024 / 512 kbps connection!

I’ve got it all set up, connected the wires and splitter and stuff. It’s a bit tricky at our place, because we have a home switchboard (for 1 external and 4 internal phone lines) and separate lines for the modems (because the “ancient” switchboard cannot handle the modem signals). So I have placed the splitter before the switchboard, and used the separate modem line for the ADSL signal. The one cable going to the second floor has two wires for one of the internal phone lines and two wires for the ADSL line.

I configured my pc and the SMC 7204BRA 4-port Router / ADSL Modem (see here, on page 2) and it all works great in Windows 98.
I still have to install the Realtek network card under Debian, but that shouldn’t be any problem.

I wanted to connect another pc to the Router, and therefore had to lay 15 meters of UTP cable, through the ceiling, through a wall. I fixed the connectors to the cable… and found out it didn’t work. I checked the connectors, removed one of them and attached a new one, but it still doesn’t work! Does anyone know a (cheap and simple) way to check a UTP cable?

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Friday, February 20th, 2004 Computing

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