I’ve (almost) moved

Yesterday evening, I moved most of my stuff to my new appartment.

In the last few weeks, we have been busy painting and cleaning.
Then on Tuesday the new carpet was laid, on Wednesday and Thursday evening I’ve been packing my things, and yesterday evening friends came by with a Landcruiser and trailer wagon!

First of all, we went to pick up some furniture from my future sister-in-law.
I could buy from them a dining table plus chairs, a side table, a cupboard, a tv table, a linen cupboard, and some small things. There’s nothing wrong with the stuff, but they’re moving in a few weeks and just want to buy something new. Well, ok. Fine with me!

Then we went to pick up my boxes, bed, mattresses, and cupboards, and luckily, it all fitted in the trailer wagon.
We have been unloading until about midnight. These large cupboards are always a pain to get up or down the stairs in a flat! But we succeeded, without all too much damage.

Unfortunately, I’m still missing a few things. I still need a couch, an extra bed, a fridge, microwave, and curtains!

Update: Today, we started unpacking the boxes. In the afternoon, we went shopping and I bought a fridge and microwave at the BCC, and 47 metres of material for the curtains at the Kwantum. Next Saturday, the fridge and microwave will be delivered, so hopefully, the sleeping room curtains will also be finished by then – and I will finally be able to move permanently!

The only question is, will my TU Delft / Infopact internet connection also have been moved by then? Frankly, I doubt it…

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Saturday, May 15th, 2004 Personal

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