Queen Mary 2

Yikes! What a huge ship that is!

If you have the opportunity, you should really go and see it, at the Wilhelminapier in Rotterdam. But you have to be quick, it is leaving for its home port Southampton this afternoon.

Check out the home page of the QM2 and the information about the current voyage “Northern Europe & Fjords”.

Queen Mary 2

Some more facts about the ship: it is the largest cruise ship in the world, with a length of 345 meters and a height of 71 meters. It weighs over 150 000 tons, has a 117 MW electric plant, and is propelled by four 21.5 MW pods to speeds up to 30 knots, or 56 km/h.

It can take 2620 passengers and has a crew of 1253 people. The largest single accomodations are over 200 square meters.
It has 14 decks, 5 pools and 10 restaurants, and an art collection worth more than 5 million dollars.

Unfortunately, during construction, on November 15, 2003, 16 people were killed and 22 injured when a gangway collapsed and about 30 people fell more than 15 meters.


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