Yesterday, together with the two friends I took my motorcycle riding lessons with, I did the VRO1 or “Voortgezette rijopleiding 1” (advanced motorcycle training).
A very useful course and very much fun to do!

You learn a few basic things, such as turning, the slalom or emergency braking. But also braking on a dirty road, riding over obstacles, and “motorgymnastics”. We ended the day with about 15 laps racing the circuit.
And almost all of this could also be done with a passenger.

We had a great day, definitely worth its money. Plus, with the certificate we’ve got, we can get a 5% discount on our insurance!

For more info (in Dutch) check out the webpage of the KNMV and click “Opledingen”, “De Motorrijder”, “voortgezette rijopleiding”, “vro” and “vro 1”.

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Sunday, August 15th, 2004 Leisure, Personal

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