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After my spam blog some weeks ago, now it’s time for an entry about blog spam.

In one week, I have received 11 “comments” on my weblog, with random quotes, or something like “enjoyed reading your posts”, and then a SPAM URL about a medicin or online casino.

When will these people braindead bastards realise that spam DOES NOT WORK!

I would really loooove to fight back… just pick the URL from the SPAM and start ping flooding or something like that. And don’t stop for the next three years!

And as Charl just said to me: “Wait till I meet one of those spammers in some dark alleyway.”

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Monday, August 16th, 2004 Computing

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  1. Denk aan je hart Ben… Gewoon deleten en altijd blijven lachen, aldus Adriaan.

    Ow ja. Bijna vergeten.

  2. HenkJan on August 17th, 2004

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