Keyboard error

Do you ever forget to plug in your keyboard after you’ve been fumbling inside your computer? For example, you’ve just upgraded your pc’s memory, put everything back together, connect the cables, turn on the machine and find out you forgot the keyboard? Or simply because you connect the power cable first and the computer somehow immediately boots up, before you’ve had the chance to connect the other cables? Sounds familiar? Or am I the only one? 🙂

Anyway, when your computer boots with no keyboard attached, you get an error like this:

Keyboard error: press <F1> to continue or <F2> to enter setup.

Please tell me how!

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Wednesday, October 20th, 2004 Computing, Funny

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  1. I have a “gift” Computer. I don’t know who made it. It gets keyboard error on boot and stops booting, I have tried different keyboards,mouses and it still does the same. I even did it with no keyboard or mouse. The lights blink on the keyboard as it boots then shortly after gets the error and stops. Only thing I know about this machine is it has a Intel processor Pentium S @ 133mhz. There’s a tag on the front that says J&B Technologies. Any help?

  2. George on December 17th, 2004

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