We were away for a few days to visit my brother and sister-in-law in Bristol, again.
And again, we went flying with Easyjet. We were probably somewhat late booking the flights, because there ware quite some differences in prices from one day to the next. Of course, we wanted the cheapest flights, therefore we didn’t go from Friday to Monday, but from Saturday to Tuesday!

So, we arrived on Saturday evening. We were picked up at the airport by my brother and his wife! (Last year, they didn’t have a car yet – they got it about one week after we left – so we had to take the bus then.) They brougt us to their new house.

“Hey”, the observant reader will say, “didn’t they move last year?”
Yes, you’re right, they did. But they moved again. That’s why we went to visit them, to see their new house!

This time they bought a house, and a very nice one too. Brand new, 5 minutes walk from the station, 5 minutes walk from a large shopping centre.

On Saturday evening, we went out for dinner. They said they hadn’t properly congratulated us yet with our engagement!
Weak excuse, but hey, you don’t hear me complaining! 🙂

On Sunday, we went to Big Pit, National Mining Museum of Wales. Big Pit is a coal mine, that stopped working in 1980, and was turned into a museum. Very interesting, the main attraction being an underground tour by an old miner with a terrible Welsh accent. Amazing to experience – albeit just a little bit – the dreadful conditions these miners had to work in.

On Monday, Irene and I visited @Bristol, “a place of discovery and surprise”. There are several attractions, such as Wildwalk, an indoor rainforest, and the IMAX Theatre, but we visited Explore@Bristol, a sort-of interactive science museum. No difficult science, all very easy, but with a lot of nice simple experiments – great for children! Even big children, like ourselves. Finally, the Imaginarium (see photo), something like our Omniversum in The Hague, showed an interesting short movie about our solar system, “Oasis In Space”.


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Tuesday, November 23rd, 2004 Leisure, Personal

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