Yet Another Google Bomb

Oh well, I’ll join in the Google bombing. An ignorant asshole has written a column about The Netherlands.

This ignorant asshole works as a columnist for FoxNews, but apparently doesn’t really care to do some research before writing his nonsense.

Apart from The Netherlands being “the land of wooden shoes, windmills, Rembrandt and wonderful breakfasts”, he’s saying that “a Dutch hospital is (…) killing newborn babies who don’t measure up to an arbitrary standard”. Also, Holland has “no governing moral standard”, and “people smoke dope openly”. Finally, “all of this in a country where the Nazis murdered Ann Frank just because she was Jewish and therefore less than human.”

So, here is the link: ignorant asshole.

(Via:, and sargasso.)

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Thursday, December 9th, 2004 Funny

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  1. My (small percentage of) Dutch blood boils a little whenever an american sticks their silly opiniated nose into someone else’s clog.

  2. Will on December 13th, 2004
  3. I’m taking part in a google bombing contest right now for the search term flag burning. Fun stuff!

  4. flag burning on December 15th, 2004

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