Jesus died in Japan aged 106

This article‘s title drew my attention just now. The article (in Dutch) states that Jesus did not die at the cross. It was his younger brother that switched places with him, allowing Jesus to get away safely, to Japan no less, where he married, got three children, and died at the age of 106 years old!

In the Japanese town of Shingo, they found a document in 1935, containing supposedly the will of Jesus. Unfortunately, the original was destroyed in WWII and all that is left of it is a copy in the local museum.

By the way, a quick search on google reveals that this is not really new news; one of the first search results, telling the same story is dated April 2000. But it was new for me, and it’s certainly entertaining to read!

The Independent has a more elaborate story about this, dated two days ago.


Friday, December 17th, 2004 Funny

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