Lapidation (2)

Continuing on the lapidation story, I would like to vote for introduction of the death penalty. And I don’t mean some “civilised” death penalty like a lethal injection, the electric chair, or hanging… I think lapidation is a good idea. I think the convicted should suffer a slow and painful death.

Of course I’m not talking about people who have committed minor offences, small delicts, or even larger crimes, like thieves and murderers… No, I am talking about the real scum-of-the-earth, the utter lowest life-form possible.

Yes, I am talking about the SPAMMERS!

By now, I am used to these spamming bastards sending loads of unsolicited email. Luckily, we have spamfilters for that. Praise be to SpamAssassin!

I am also already a little bit used to blog spam. Idiots who post spam-comments on my weblog with nothing but stupid URLs. We have blacklists for that, and as that’s apparently not enough, we also use Captcha’s. That’ll teach ’em!

But now these ugly no-good sons of bitches have found a new way to spread their spam. They’ve found my wiki. The idea of a wiki is that a lot of people can cooperate in creating and maintaining webpages. I had one page that was open to the world (shhht, don’t tell anyone!), because I wanted an easy way to communicate with a number of friends. But I’m afraid I will have to password-protect that page also.

I hope that these people will somehow, sometime, come to their senses and realise the effects of their business.

If not, with the lack of a death penalty, may they be deported to Iran, and buried up to their chests – and without internet access of course!

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Thursday, December 23rd, 2004 Computing

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