Back from Brixen

This morning we returned from our wintersport holiday in Brixen, Austria.

We had a great week, did a lot of skiing, met some nice people in our hotel, and took a few hours of private skiing lessons. Unfortunately, the weather wasn’t very good. Snow (almost) every day, misty up in the mountains, so very difficult skiing conditions. But that didn’t stop us, of course. Apart from two or three lifts, we used every single lift in the area. See here for the card. The area is very nice, and pretty large with about 250 kilometers of piste and over 90 lifts.

Yesterday, our last skiing day, we met up with a girlfriend of ours (and her brother) who arrived with the same bus, that we took back home that evening! And they brought some great weather with them. Our last day was perfect, sunny – we even had lunch outside – and a lot of fun with the four of us.

On a side note, just before we left last week, we booked our honeymoon. We’re going to Greece for two weeks. When? Well, after our wedding of course. The date? May 20, just like those two zillion other people! Copycats!

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Sunday, February 20th, 2005 Leisure, Personal

6 Comments to Back from Brixen

  1. Linken naar een jpg? Dan kan natuurlijk niet! 😉

  2. henk-jan on February 23rd, 2005
  3. 1. Waar doe ik dat dan?
    2. Waarom zou dat niet kunnen?

  4. benjamin on February 23rd, 2005
  5. I think he’s confusing JPEGs with GIFs (you, know the Burn All GIFs-Unisys-patent-thingy)

  6. Vincent on February 24th, 2005
  7. …which reminds me: yesterday I attended a speech by Richard Stallman — you know, the guy that founded the Free Software Foundation and the GNU Project! w00t~!

  8. Vincent on February 24th, 2005
  9. Yes, I’m pretty sure he’s confusing JPEGs with GIFs! That’s why I ask what’s wrong with that. First of all, there’s no problem with JPEGs. Second of all, there’s no problem *anymore* with GIFs: “GIFs are now patent-free” (from
    Finally, I don’t link to either a GIF or a JPEG.

  10. benjamin on February 24th, 2005
  11. I’m confused as to whom you’re speaking here. I know GIFs are no longer patented, I know JPEGs don’t have these issues and I also know that you didn’t link to a GIF.

    I was just pointing out the mistake H-J made, but I guess you were already aware of this.

  12. Vincent on February 24th, 2005

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