For our honeymoon we went to Greece for two weeks. We flew via Athens to Thessaloniki. There was a rental car waiting for us at the airport. The first ten days we stayed in an appartment on the “Olympic riviera“, which is the area along the coast, near Mount Olympus.

During these ten days, we made some walks, swam in the sea, visited a castle and a nice old Greek village.
We visited Dion, the ancient city of Zeus, at the foot of the Olympus, with the ruins of an ancient village.
We made one very long and very tiring walk up Mount Olympus, from the starting point at about 1100 meters up to a cabin at 2100 meters. You could stay there for the night and walk to the summit (at 2917 meters) the next day. We returned to the car, however; it took us about 7 hours in total.

We visited the spectacular rock formations at Meteora. These rock formations are famous for the monasteries that are built on top. These are hundreds of years old. There used to be about twenty, now there are only six left, but they’re all open to the public. The rocks are really amazing, but the fact that monks decided to build monasteries on top, is just incredible!

At the end of the ten days, we returned (by car) to Thessaloniki, flew back to Athens and stayed there for another five days. We stayed in a hotel near Omonia Square, very close to the center of the city. We could walk to the Acropolis, which, of course, we did quite a few times. We’ve seen all the main tourist attractions: the Acropolis, the Tempel of Zeus, the Ancient Agora, the Roman Forum, but also the National Archaelogical Museum. The last day we went to Piraeus, to visit the (three, all natural) harbours.

Last Sunday, we got up very early, to get back to the airport. We had a good trip home, after two weeks of great weather in a beautiful country… it was a perfect honeymoon!

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Saturday, June 11th, 2005 Personal

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