Our own stamp

Did you know you could create your own stamps?

At TPG Post, you can have you own picture be printed as a real stamp.

We already tried it a while ago. In fact, we used the stamps for our wedding invitations. It’s really easy, and not very expensive. I think it’s great for special occasions or something…

So, here’s the result:

Our stamp

(And this is the original photo, btw.)

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Thursday, June 30th, 2005 Funny, Personal

2 Comments to Our own stamp

  1. I once cut out the portrait of Santa Claus from a TV guide, wrote ’80 Cent’ on it and stuck it on an envelope. Worked like a charm.

  2. Vincent on June 30th, 2005
  3. Damn you! We had to *pay* for our stamps! 🙂

    But, it might not stay unnoticed, if you send dozens of cards with your Santa-like home-made stamps…

    BTW, I remember that you once made your own student-card as well, didn’t you? I see some great carreer opportunities for you in forgery!

  4. Benjamin on June 30th, 2005

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