Why I use Jabber

This is the reason I don’t use MSN Messenger!

Read through the comments of this blog entry (in Dutch)… Are these people for real?!?

iedeReen m0et seLf weTe waT Diej in sijN naaM sgrijfT

juh mag zelf weten wat juh in juh naam zet en als ze dat verboden dat vind ik egt heelll dom dan

Damnn .. Stik Erin .. Sjitt Je Mag Tog Wel Zelf Wetee Wa Jj In Jj Naam Zet=S Pff ..

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Tuesday, August 2nd, 2005 Computing, Funny

3 Comments to Why I use Jabber

  1. Is it because MS won’t allow you to choose the nickname that you desire (*wink wink*) or is it because you have something against the new Dutch dialect that MSN users are using?

  2. Charl P. Botha on August 2nd, 2005
  3. Yes, it’s about the “dialect”…
    That seems to go with using MSN, somehow.

  4. Benjamin on August 2nd, 2005
  5. Give these people MSN and stick with ICQ.
    it is a lot of work to get all your friends to use it, but at least you can select the ones who use it…

  6. menno on August 4th, 2005

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