Yesterday, we rented a moving van from Budget Rent a Car. We ordered a “VC” class van (check out the website), but instead we got a “VEL” class van (an Iveco Daily to be precise), which is a lot larger, and (oh, boy!) has an electric tail lift! (The last time we rented a van from Budget, the same thing happened. Do you think it’s policy?)

Iveco Daily

Anyway, almost all my stuff fitted in there, like a large desk, two beds, several closets and a load of boxes. I’m not moving much furniture, because we already have a completely furnished house in Zeeland. I’ve been able to sell my dining room table and chairs, a side table and a couple of other things. However, I’m still stuck with my two couches – nobody seems to want those.

I’m drifting away. As I was saying, almost everything fitted in the van. We also loaded up my own car, and so we drove to Zeeland with two cars. The packing took a couple of hours. Luckily, unpacking was a lot quicker (with a lot of help from the neighbours!).

We decided to return the van and pick up the rest of the stuff this morning. We didn’t want to drive back to Rotterdam yesterday, and sleep in an empty house… and there was enough to do here! So, early this morning we drove back and returned the van. Then we completely filled Irenes car (and my motorbike) with the remaining stuff and left the empty house… *SNIF*

So, this afternoon all my stuff was finally moved to Zeeland.
Now, unpacking begins. And rearranging! If you would see the mess here, you would believe that that will still take quite some time!


Thursday, September 8th, 2005 Personal

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