Photos… lots and lots of them

In the past months, we have been very busy sticking all our photos into albums. No, not digitally, but the old-fashioned, analog ones, you know – on paper!

I had quite a backlog of photos, some even 10 years old. We had all these photos, on a big pile, in what is now the baby room. So when we started clearing out this room a few months ago, we decided that we needed to get rid of this pile. So we spent lots of evenings and complete days sorting out the photos and putting them in the albums. We even took a bunch of them on our last holiday!

Well, yesterday evening we finally stuck the last of our pictures (of that same holiday) into our latest album, so we’re finished… for now, of course…

A rough estimate:

  • 12 photo books and albums
  • 820 pages
  • 2300 photos
  • 9000 adhesive photo corners


Friday, September 28th, 2007 Personal, Photography

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