New kitchen

Last monday, we went to the notary to sign for the mortgage for our new house!
It took a lot of time to get the mortgage and, especially, the life insurance, but it’s all settled now. And finally, the ground is officially ours now!

The first piles

Construction of the house was started almost three weeks ago. The first piles were rammed into the ground (what is “heien” in English?) on October 10, and since then, the concrete foundation has been poured, the water outlets have been set up and the ground floor has been laid.

In the mean time, we have bought ourselves a new kitchen! We’re still thinking about all the changes and optional extras: where to place the sockets and light switches, do we want an outside tap or an electrical garage door, do we want hardwood stairs, et cetera. We will have to decide about a lot of these things next week. And after that: project bathroom! I’ll keep you posted…


Thursday, October 30th, 2008 Personal

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  1. Wow, exciting!

    You got the kitchen for the old house? Are you taking it to the new one?

  2. Ari on November 19th, 2008
  3. No, silly, we bought the kitchen for the new house.

    At the moment we’re living in a rental house, so we won’t be buying a new kitchen here! But we had to buy the kitchen for the new house already, so they could put the water supply, the drains, the electrical outlets, etc. in the right place. We don’t really have the kitchen yet, but we signed for it.

  4. Benjamin on November 25th, 2008
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