Back online

Yippeeee! After about a month without internet, we’re finally back online!

What a mess it has been to move our phone line and internet connection.

We started by calling KPN to inform them we would be moving on September 17. We received a confirmation that our phone line would be transfered on September 29! We called to say the date wasn’t correct and so we received a new confirmation of the corrected date.

We first received a letter saying that (because it’s a new house) some work still had to be done. Later, it was confirmed that all the necessary preparations had been done.

In the mean time, we had cancelled our old internet provider per September 17th and subscribed to a new provider per that same date. However, our new provider called to inform us the request could not be processed until the new phone line would be active. That would be, for all we knew, on September 17th. From then it would take up to 5 weeks to get the ADSL working!

So we called KPN to try to move the activation date forward. We called four times that day. We were told it wasn’t possible, because we had already changed the date once (which was their fault, not ours). We were told there was nothing we could do, not even request a new phone line. The KPN woman even hung up on us! So we called again, and got someone else, who put us on hold… forever. So we called again and got someone on the line who actually helped and moved the date forward. We even got a confirmation letter with the new date: September 9th. It cost us more than an hour calling to an expensive service number, but hey, we got a result.

September 10: we’re disconnected! The phone is offline. Luckily, the internet connection still works! However, our new phone line isn’t working… So we call KPN (with a mobile phone of course). They cannot seem to find a record of us being connected on September 9th. They even deny the confirmation letter we got! So they did disconnect our old line, but they cannot connect our new line. When we ask them to reconnect our old line, they say we will be called back about that. That never happens…

On September 18th, the day after we moved, we still don’t have a working telephone line. So we call KPN and they tell us they cannot give us an activation date! However, we will be called back about it within four working hours. Four working hours later, it is the next Monday, September 21st. We are called back and told that we will be called back the next day. The next day we are called back and told that we will be connected the next day! Then, on Wednesday, September 23rd, our phone line finally works!

So, our new internet provider had told us the request for the new ADSL connection could not be processed until the phone line would be active. We had told them that would be September 9th, after we had received that confirmation letter from the KPN. It wasn’t to be… The provider tried to request the ADSL connection after Septemer 9th, although they had said they couldn’t do that if the line wasn’t active and although earlier they could perfectly well see the status of the phone line. So the request failed because the phone line wasn’t active yet, and the request was cancelled. Yes, cancelled. But they didn’t tell us. Not until we called them on September 23rd to inform them that our phone line was active. So we had to request a new subscription. By phone of course, but not the number we were calling at the moment. We asked if they could put an “URGENT” on the request, but for that we had to call yet another number. Well, after some more calls in the following weeks, we finally got the installation package last week with a letter saying that our internet connection should work on October 13th. But boy, are we lucky or what? When we installed the modem yesterday, the connection worked immediately! How about that?

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Monday, October 12th, 2009 Computing

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