Solar panels

We’ve got solar panels on the roof of our new house. The contractor installed 7 panels for free, and for a good price we bought another 6 panels, so we’ve got 13 panels, totalling 2275 Wp.

We also bought a little wireless monitor, the SMA Sunny Beam, to keep track of the production of the solar panels. “Wireless” as in a wireless connection to the inverter, the SMA Sunny Boy 2100, but the device can also be connected to a pc, to download the data stored on it. Having done that, you can visualise the production of your solar panels, just like this:

The production on a cloudy day in October,

or on a sunny day in March,

or the total amount of energy produced over a four-month period.

(Sorry for the cheesy Excel graphs — I haven’t got anything better at the moment.)

The interesting thing is that we first use the energy produced ourselves. When the panels produce more than we use, the electricity is delivered back to the net. So on a sunny day, when you see on the electricity meter that the energy is being sent to the net, you know that everything in the house runs “for free”, and you’re even getting paid for whatever is left over!

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Monday, March 8th, 2010 Interesting

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