My name is Benjamin Vrolijk. I was born on January 27, 1978 in Katwijk aan den Rijn, The Netherlands.

I did my grammar school in Leeuwarden on the Christelijk Gymnasium from 1989 to 1991 and in Capelle aan den IJssel on the Comenius College from 1991 to 1995.

On September 1st, 1995, I started to study Technical Informatics at the Delft University of Technology. I did my Master’s project in the Computer Graphics group, resulting in my thesis on “Feature Tracking with Skeleton Graphs”. I received my Master’s Degree on September 14, 2001.

During my study, from October 1997 to April 2000, I worked at the software company Phidias bv. As an Engineer I was involved in developing Microsoft Access applications, designing databases and making internet connections using Active Server Pages. Since 1999 I am a Microsoft Certified Professional in Microsoft Access.

From April to August 2001 I worked at Xi advies bv, developing Matlab tools and applications, mainly for data visualisation.

After I finished my Master’s project, I stayed in the Computer Graphics group, starting my PhD project on September 1st, 2001. The project was about visualisation of multi-phase flows and was called “Direct Numerical Simulation of Oil/Water Mixtures Using Front Capturing Techniques”. On June 12, 2007, I received my PhD title with my thesis on “Interactive visualisation techniques for large time-dependent data sets”.

After leaving the TU Delft, I started working at Kinsley bv on February 1, 2006 as a Software Engineer, developing database applications in VB.NET and VB6 in combination with Microsoft SQL Server and Microsoft Access.

Currently, I am a software developer for Syntess Software, where I started working on April 1, 2010.

From 1996 to 2005 I have worked as a volunteer technician for Radio Capelle, doing a programme of either one or three hours, on average about once a month.

As for hobbies, first of all (of course) I like computers. I am interested in computer graphics, Linux, C++, LaTeX, and much more. But I also love skiing, skating and (digital) photography; I enjoy riding my Kawasaki GPZ500S motorbike and I very much like walking in the mountains.

But most of all, I love my wife Irene, with whom I have married on May 20, 2005, our little boy Marijn, born October 2, 2007 and our little girl Leonie, born November 29, 2009.