Back online

Yippeeee! After about a month without internet, we’re finally back online!

What a mess it has been to move our phone line and internet connection.

We started by calling KPN to inform them we would be moving on September 17. We received a confirmation that our phone line would be transfered on September 29! We called to say the date wasn’t correct and so we received a new confirmation of the corrected date.

We first received a letter saying that (because it’s a new house) some work still had to be done. Later, it was confirmed that all the necessary preparations had been done.

In the mean time, we had cancelled our old internet provider per September 17th and subscribed to a new provider per that same date. However, our new provider called to inform us the request could not be processed until the new phone line would be active. That would be, for all we knew, on September 17th. From then it would take up to 5 weeks to get the ADSL working!

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Monday, October 12th, 2009 Computing No Comments

Digital television

Last week I was called by someone from KPN, telling me that I could try out digital television for free, for eight days.

With digital television, of course, the image quality should be better than with normal, old-fashioned, analog tv. It also includes digital radio, providing superior sound quality. And all that for less than what I pay to my (analog) cable company!

So I said yes. Why not try it for free?

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Saturday, January 29th, 2005 Computing, Interesting, Personal 1 Comment