Julian Frans

Last night, around 0:15 am, our baby boy Julian Frans was born. He’s a lovely, sweet little boy.

Mother and son are doing fine. Marijn and Leonie were very surprised this morning, but are very proud of their little brother.

Check out some more photos on Picasaweb.

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Skiing in Austria

This weekend, we returned from a week of skiing in Austria.

Together with friends (and their two children) we had an apartment in Aparthotel Sterngucker in Königsleiten.

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Leonie Manon

Yesterday, November 29, Irene gave birth to a beautiful little girl: Leonie Manon.

Of course, we are very proud of this little baby and happy that all is well with both mother and daughter. Also Marijn is very proud to be a big brother now and all he wants is to hold and cuddle his little sister and to cover her in kisses.

Check out some more photos on Picasaweb.

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Monday, November 30th, 2009 Personal No Comments

Marijn Ruben

Last Tuesday, October 2nd, at about 9pm, Irene gave birth to a little boy: Marijn Ruben. We are very proud and happy to be the parents of this tiny new human being. He is a wonderful, sweet little baby.

Marijn Ruben

Feel free to check out the first pictures on “his own website”!

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