Yesterday, a couple of friends and I went to the TT in Assen for the MotoGP. It was the first time for me, and WOW, what an event! Almost a hundred thousand people, and a lot of them on motorbike… I never saw so many motorcycles at one time.

TT parking lot

The weather was great, and the races were nice, with a spectacular ending of the MotoGP.

After the finish of the MotoGP, even before the last of the races, most people left, resulting in thousands and thousands of motorcyclists trying to leave at the same time. It took us about an hour – in the burning sun – just to get off the parking lot and onto the highway!

And then the thousands of people who stand along the highway. Some of them have even taken chairs with them, some barbecues, and even 100 kilometers from Assen, the highway overpasses are still filled with people watching and waving at the bikers – you’d almost feel like an Olympic champion!

Update: The official sponsor of the TT is A-Style, as can naturally be seen everywhere along the track, on the tickets, or on the poster, for example. Check out their logo! Who, in his right mind, would ever want to come up with a logo like that?!?

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Yesterday, together with the two friends I took my motorcycle riding lessons with, I did the VRO1 or “Voortgezette rijopleiding 1” (advanced motorcycle training).
A very useful course and very much fun to do!

You learn a few basic things, such as turning, the slalom or emergency braking. But also braking on a dirty road, riding over obstacles, and “motorgymnastics”. We ended the day with about 15 laps racing the circuit.
And almost all of this could also be done with a passenger.

We had a great day, definitely worth its money. Plus, with the certificate we’ve got, we can get a 5% discount on our insurance!

For more info (in Dutch) check out the webpage of the KNMV and click “Opledingen”, “De Motorrijder”, “voortgezette rijopleiding”, “vro” and “vro 1”.

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Sunday, August 15th, 2004 Leisure, Personal No Comments

Bad luck

In other news today, I had some bad luck with my motorbike.
I had stopped somewhere in Rotterdam for a while, and the moment I wanted to ride off, the clutch cable broke! Well, I suppose it is possible to get home without a clutch, but to be honest, I did not want to try…
Of course it was just a few minutes past six, so all the shops were closed. *sigh*

I did get home, eventually, on the back of my friend’s bike… (and thank you for that, HJ!)

Update (June 27): I bought a new clutch cable this morning. I’ve gone to work by car today. I have left my bike where it was yesterday, and I’m going there this afternoon to fix the cable. Then I still have to figure out how to get my bike and my car back home… 🙁

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Justice … at last!

Last year, I had an accident with my motorbike. To be precise, on August 15th, 2002, I was riding home on the motorway. It was very busy, so there were queues, and I was going 40 km/h or so. All of a sudden, a car changed from the middle lane to the left lane, right in front of me.

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