New hardware

Because I needed a bit of extra data storage, I bought a new harddisk yesterday.
I basically just wanted a lot of space, for mass storage and backup, and I wanted it to be available for every pc in our house.
At first, I was looking for an external USB disk, to be connected to my Asus WL500g wireless access point. However, I decided that a NAS would be more suitable for this, and more general applicable.
Of course, you can make one of those yourself, if you have an old pc lying around somewhere, but I just bought one out of the box. The best choice for me (based on the price per Gb, combined with the built-in printer server) was the Western Digital NetCenter 320 Gb. And it works just fine. I haven’t done anything special yet, nor have I performed any benchmarks, but it’s just very nice to be able to access your documents from any pc, and use the same printer, store photos and music in one place, et cetera. It does exactly what I wanted!

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Wednesday, June 21st, 2006 Computing 2 Comments