As of yesterday afternoon, about 16:15, I can put these two letters in front of my name! Almost six years of work… finally finished now.

After the defence

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Wednesday, June 13th, 2007 Personal 1 Comment

PhD thesis has arrived

Today, a bunch of boxes were delivered at the TU Delft for me. My PhD thesis has arrived! Finally! Another giant leap in the whole PhD process. Only one big hurdle still to take: the defence on June 12th.

See my publications for a pdf version of the thesis.

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Friday, May 25th, 2007 Personal 1 Comment

PhD Thesis

The fact that I haven’t updated my weblog very much lately, doesn’t mean that nothing interesting has happened here these past months. In fact, it has been quite busy at times, for both of us – a lot has happened both on a personal level, but also at work.

The last few weeks have been especially hectic for me, but now I can sit down for a moment and take a breath: the final text for my PhD thesis is off to the printer! A few more weeks and I will have my own book! I still don’t want to think too much about the defence, though…

Anyway, this was one of the reasons it’s been somewhat quiet on my blog (to say the least). I’ll do my best to liven things up a bit around here… starting today.

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Sunday, April 29th, 2007 Personal 2 Comments

Final day @ TU Delft

Today, August 31, is the final day of my contract as a PhD student in Delft.
As of tomorrow, I am unemployed…

Yes, of course, I still have to work on my PhD thesis, but I’ll have to do that in my free time. And next week, I’ll be moving home, so not much free time left then.
I’m not sure when and how often I will be back in Delft, I’ll just have to see.

It’ll be pretty weird.
Since September 1995, I have been here at Delft University. First college, then in 2000 my Master’s project at the Computer Graphics Group, and since September 1st, 2001, my PhD project at the same group.

That’s 36% of my entire lifetime I’ve spent here…

Well, I guess it’s time for something completely different.

You’ll hear from me. Benjamin, signing off from Delft….

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Wednesday, August 31st, 2005 Personal No Comments

I’m nearly famous

My PhD research is being sponsored by the NWO Council for the Astronomical, Mathematical and Computer Sciences (Exacte Wetenschappen), on the Computational Science programme.

A year ago, we had the Kick-off meeting for this programme, at the CWI in Amsterdam, and last week we had the second meeting, at the TU Eindhoven this time.

Someone was being very active with his digital camera, and a lot of pictures were taken during the day.

On the Computational Science site, a gallery has been set up with a small number of photographs from both of these meetings.

Among these 12 pictures, yours truly has found himself twice already!

Kick off meeting 2002Kick off meeting 2003

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Thursday, December 4th, 2003 Personal 2 Comments