Winter scenes

It’s been pretty cold in the past weeks. When it’s been freezing for such a long time, the Dutch get a special type of disease: ice fever. Within days, ice skates were sold out everywhere, because for the first time in 12 years, it was possible to skate on natural ice in The Netherlands. There was even talk about a new Elfstedentocht, but the ice didn’t get strong enough for that.

So, we too wanted to go ice skating, but I too had to buy new skates first. We finally went this Saturday.

Apart from the fun of ice skating, the cold weather also provides some beautiful natural winter scenes, and the opportunity to try to make a few nice photos.

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I finished a four-lesson introductory course inline skating today. That’s really great fun! I had never done it before. I had done a little bit of ice skating alright, but not inline skating. It was so much fun that I decided to buy my own skates after the first lesson. So I’ve got my own, brand new, Salomon Motion 7.5 Ti skates (plus all the necessary protection of course) and they’re great!
(On the website I can only find the Motion 8 Ti and Motion 7, so mine are probably somewhere inbetween!)

The courses were given by the Ski & Skate centrum Bergschenhoek in “het Bergsche Bos” in Rotterdam, which I can recommend heavily to anyone interested – both the courses and the location, that is!
They will organise a “Thursday night skate” (see Hot news) every week, for a couple of months, so you might very well find me there some time.


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