Last Saturday we went to the Circustheater in Scheveningen to see the musical Tarzan.

Just as last time we went to a musical, the show was very spectacular, with beautiful costumes and decors and of course the music by Phil Collins. And just as last time, I would advise you to go and see for yourself, but be quick, because you’ve got about four weeks left.

For more information, do not try the obvious, you’ll find a different type of info there. Instead, check out wikipedia, for example. seems to be related to the author of the book Tarzan of the Apes, Edgar Rice Burroughs, and will also provide you with some more information.

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The Lion King

Yesterday we went to the musical “The Lion King” in the Circustheater in Scheveningen.

Wow, what a spectacular show that is! It already starts with a fantastic opening scene. But also the live music is overwhelming, the costumes are amazing, and the decors are beautiful.

Well, I could tell you more, but you should really just go and see it. But you’ve got to be quick, because the show stops August 27.

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Boom Chicago

Yesterday evening, we went to the theater (“Het Arsenaal” in Vlissingen) to see Boom Chicago.

I don’t know if you know them, or have heard about them, but they are (obviously) a theater group. They do improvisation theater. We had seen them once before, a year or two ago, so we knew what to expect. If you don’t, maybe you have seen De Lama’s on Dutch television…? That’s more or less similiar to Boom Chicago.

The group consists of a couple of Americans who live in the Netherlands; it’s very funny to hear “foreigners” characterising “us”, the Dutch people, our habits, et cetera. But they’re very good at it! 🙂

Some improvisation examples from the show: people in the audience yell out some professions and the names of some famous people, and they make a sketch of “Sean Connery as a flying doctor”, or “ET as a bank robber”.
Or they ask the audience for a couple of one-liners from movies. Two of the actors, who were back stage during that time, then have to do a scene in which they randomly get these lines and have to integrate these into the scene.
And yes, on stage it is much more funny than if you read it here…

Anyway, if you want to know more about them, or see some example videos, have a look at
Have fun! And go and see them some time, if you can.

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No, this is NOT the 3rd part of the Hitchhiker’s Guide.

This is the name of the theater show we went to yesterday: TATATATA by Hans Liberg. A great entertainer. Music and comedy. He seamlessly combines classical music with old folk and modern pop songs. Liberg really is a marvel at the piano.

The name of the show refers to the opening piece. TA TA TA TA, Beethoven’s 5th, · · · —. You know what I mean – everybody knows it.

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