Final day @ TU Delft

Today, August 31, is the final day of my contract as a PhD student in Delft.
As of tomorrow, I am unemployed…

Yes, of course, I still have to work on my PhD thesis, but I’ll have to do that in my free time. And next week, I’ll be moving home, so not much free time left then.
I’m not sure when and how often I will be back in Delft, I’ll just have to see.

It’ll be pretty weird.
Since September 1995, I have been here at Delft University. First college, then in 2000 my Master’s project at the Computer Graphics Group, and since September 1st, 2001, my PhD project at the same group.

That’s 36% of my entire lifetime I’ve spent here…

Well, I guess it’s time for something completely different.

You’ll hear from me. Benjamin, signing off from Delft….

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