Sunset in Vlissingen

In the past months I have been doing a course in photography. It was very nice and I learnt a lot – and made a lot of pictures! A hundred to a hundred and fifty a week! And we could only show 3 or 4 of those!

Well, anyway, because I haven’t been using my weblog very much in the past year, I decided that I would start a photoblog. So, the first picture is coming up right now, and hopefully, I can give you regular updates with new (or old) pictures.

All pictures made by me, of course, and with my Canon Powershot A620 digital camera, unless otherwise stated.

Sunset in Vlissingen

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Boom Chicago

Yesterday evening, we went to the theater (“Het Arsenaal” in Vlissingen) to see Boom Chicago.

I don’t know if you know them, or have heard about them, but they are (obviously) a theater group. They do improvisation theater. We had seen them once before, a year or two ago, so we knew what to expect. If you don’t, maybe you have seen De Lama’s on Dutch television…? That’s more or less similiar to Boom Chicago.

The group consists of a couple of Americans who live in the Netherlands; it’s very funny to hear “foreigners” characterising “us”, the Dutch people, our habits, et cetera. But they’re very good at it! 🙂

Some improvisation examples from the show: people in the audience yell out some professions and the names of some famous people, and they make a sketch of “Sean Connery as a flying doctor”, or “ET as a bank robber”.
Or they ask the audience for a couple of one-liners from movies. Two of the actors, who were back stage during that time, then have to do a scene in which they randomly get these lines and have to integrate these into the scene.
And yes, on stage it is much more funny than if you read it here…

Anyway, if you want to know more about them, or see some example videos, have a look at boomchicago.nl.
Have fun! And go and see them some time, if you can.

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